The Third Legislative District Democrats post its own events, along with events from Spokane County Democrats.

The Third Legislative District Democrats provide accessible/inclusive events that enable individuals with disabilities to fully engage in our events and processes. Requests for reasonable accommodations may be made in advance of a meeting by email to or by telephone to the Chair. 

During a Zoom meeting, requests for reasonable accommodations may be made by the “raise the hand” feature in the Zoom software, or by text (or by phone) to the designated phone number provided by the Chair.


August 3, 2021 Primary Election!

August 3, 2021

Five races for Spokane City Council and School District 81 will appear on ballots in the 3rd Legislative District in the August 3rd primary election:

Precinct numbers for City of Spokane precincts indicate which Legislative District and Council District a voter resides in.

For example, a voter with a precinct number of 31xx resides in Legislative District 3, Spokane City Council District 1.

Lookup your precinct number by visiting and then use the menu option to view your "Voter Registration" details. In Spokane County, your precinct name is a four digit code (and if you reside in the City of Spokane the second digit indicates your Spokane City Council District assignment).