Endorsed Candidates, Initiatives & Ballot Measures


2019 Primary Election (August 6, 2019)


The Third Legislative District Democrats have made the following endorsements of candidates for the 2019 primary election:

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Endorsements by The Third Legislative District Democrats are not exclusive, meaning that multiple candidates for the same position may be endorsed or certified. Endorsements must be requested by a candidate. Requests for endorsement may be sent to the Chair.

Endorsement (or certification, as the case may be) by us permits candidates for office to receive access to resources available from the Washington State Democratic Central Committee (Washington State Democrats) and also serves as an indicator in partisan races that the candidate is in fact a Democrat (candidates in partisan races express a "preference" for a political party but voters do not register by party in Washington state). The "top two" candidates from the August 6, 2019 primary election vie for election in the November 2019 general election.

Please visit the webpage for Spokane County Democrats to view their endorsements.