PCOs and Leadership

Third LD Leadership TEAM

Chair  David Green chair@thirdld.org
Vice-Chair Patty Irvin vicechair@thirdld.org
State Committee Member Joanne Fleming scm-a@thirdld.org
State Committee Member Andrew McGee scm-b@thirdld.org
Co-Secretary* Adi McGee secretary@thirdld.org
Co-Secretary* Joann Peña secretary@thirdld.org
Treasurer* David Green (interim)


* Appointed        

The Third LD Leadership Team meets periodically and is responsible for transacting business of the LD in between the four quarterly meetings of the Precinct Committee Officers. The four elected members of the Leadership Team represent the LD at monthly Executive Board meetings of Spokane County Democrats. The Chair and Vice-Chair attend meetings of the Washington State Democrats and represent the LD in the Washington State Democrats' Chairs Organization. The State Committee Representatives are voting members of the Washington State Democratic Central Committee, which meets at least three times a year.

Find Your Precinct

If you need help locating your precinct, if you are a registered voter you may visit the Secretary of State's website and enter your name and date of birth. A map of the 3rd Legislative District (updated as of 2017) may be found here.

Precinct Committee Officers

PCOs are the grassroots organizing base for all of our activities. PCOs get to know their neighbors, educate undecided or swing voters, and make sure Democrats are registered to vote. They work to turn out voters before Election Day.  

PCOs also elect Party leadership, help to fill vacancies in elected office, and lead their precinct caucus in presidential election years.  

Click here to learn more about PCOs and their role in the Democratic Party.

The current version of the State Party's PCO Handbook has great information about what PCOs do for the Democratic Party. Current and prospective PCOs are encouraged to become familiar with the document.

Existing PCOs who desire to have access to the State Party's voter database (VoteBuilder) may download and complete a user agreement and return it to the 3rd LD Chair via email.

If a PCO is unable to attend a meeting, they may grant their proxy to any Democrat residing in their precinct.


PCO appointments in Spokane County are made by the Chair of Spokane County Democrats upon the recommendation of the legislative district chair.

If a PCO position is vacant in the 3rd Legislative District, complete the Appointed PCO Application and send a scanned copy of the completed form via an email message to the Chair (see email address above) to be considered for appointment. Alternatively, use snail mail to send a paper copy of the completed form to Chair, The Third Legislative District Democrats, PO Box 4963, Spokane WA 99220-0963. PCO vacancies in the 3rd LD are not shown as "filled" until an appointment as been made by the Chair of Spokane County Democrats. As a result, an application to fill a vacancy may be in process while the website shows the precinct as vacant.

Applicants for PCO appointments in Spokane County outside the 3rd Legislative District may mail their completed forms directly to Spokane County Democrats, 1912 N Division St Suite 100, Spokane WA 99207. Your local legislative district chair will be contacted for approval of your PCO application.


Click here to read the bylaws of The Third Legislative District Democrats organization.


The Washington Democratic Party adopted a Code of Conduct in September 2017 that applies to all Democrats in Washington, including State Party events and activities, local party organization (counties and legislative districts) events and activities, and affiliated organizations. Questions concerning the Code of Conduct may be directed to Karen Deal, executive director of the State Party organization. Feedback or suggestions from Democrats in the 3rd LD concerning the Code of Conduct should be directed to the state committee representatives from the 3rd LD (contact information is above) or to the state committee representatives for Spokane County.


PrecinctPCO NameContact Email
3000 Vacant chair@thirdld.org
3100 Vacant chair@thirdld.org
3101 Marsha Curless mahas.jazzman@gmail.com
3102 Nola Hansen binohan@aol.com
3103 Vacant chair@thirdld.org
3104 Marian Hennings mareli49er@gmail.com
3105 Julie Jackson godisgreat76@yahoo.com
3106 Jeremy Thornton tntyardworks@gmail.com
3107 Vacant chair@thirdld.org
3108 Nikki Easterling neasterling@carealliancenw.com
3109 Joanne Fleming jannecabo@gmail.com
3110 Vacant chair@thirdld.org
3111 Jaymie Lisa Horowitz yaffajaymie@gmail.com
3112 Vacant chair@thirdld.org
3113 Vacant chair@thirdld.org
3114 Vacant chair@thirdld.org
3115 Christina Momono cmitma@gmail.com
3116 Vacant chair@thirdld.org
3117 Chad Stone chadcbj78@yahoo.com
3118 Vacant chair@thirdld.org
3119 Vacant chair@thirdld.org
3120 Vacant chair@thirdld.org
3121 Michael Kirk michael.a.j.kirk@gmail.com
3122 Amber Waldref amber.spokane@gmail.com
3123 Tabitha Wolf tabitha.wolf@icloud.com
3124 Cathy Gunderson gunder94@comcast.net
3125 Erin Georgen erin.georgen@gmail.com
3126 Vacant chair@thirdld.org
3127 Vacant chair@thirdld.org
3128 Karen Sutula karen.sutula@gmail.com
3200 William Forman william.forman@yahoo.com
3201 Vacant chair@thirdld.org
3202 Daniel Tolczyk daniel.tolczyk@gmail.com
3203 Derek Reynolds theutmostsecret@hotmail.com
3204 Jill Kern jillallisonkern@gmail.com
3205 Vacant chair@thirdld.org
3206 Autumn Reed baronessvonred@gmail.com
3207 Vacant chair@thirdld.org
3208 Vacant chair@thirdld.org
3209 Vacant chair@thirdld.org
3210 Matt Nelson m.stephen.nelson@gmail.com
3211 Patricia Irvin miloprincess@comcast.net
3212 Bill Miller billmiller1221@gmail.com
3213 Mary Winkes mmcspo@yahoo.com
3214 Vacant chair@thirdld.org
3215 Jessica Anundson jessica.anundson@gmail.com
3216 Melissa Carptenter xsnrgmel@aol.com
3217 Dan Lambert 1whetstone@comcast.net
3218 Andy Billig andybillig@gmail.com
3219 Ben Stuckart benstuckart@gmail.com
3220 David Green david.green.pco@gmail.com
3221 Vacant chair@thirdld.org
3222 Vacant chair@thirdld.org
3223 Steve Kirby kirby@tikorconsulting.com
3300 Marcus Riccelli info@marcusriccelli.com
3301 Rob Cochran robert2015@icloud.com
3302 Kandy Kraig kkraigspok@comcast.net
3303 Vacant chair@thirdld.org
3304 Vacant chair@thirdld.org
3305 Vacant chair@thirdld.org
3306 Vacant chair@thirdld.org
3307 Vacant chair@thirdld.org
3308 Vacant chair@thirdld.org
3309 Vacant chair@thirdld.org
3310 Kelly Malone kelly.kmlps@gmail.com
3311 John Lowry phxjohnny@gmail.com
3312 Vacant chair@thirdld.org
3313 Malcolm Haworth haworthmd@yahoo.com
3314 Vacant chair@thirdld.org
3315 Vacant chair@thirdld.org
3316 Brooke Matson brooke.e.matson@gmail.com
3317 Vacant chair@thirdld.org
3318 Vacant chair@thirdld.org
3319 Rafeal Richardson emperorofrome@yahoo.com
3320 Gene Brake genebrake01@gmail.com
3321 Andrew McGee amcgee77@hotmail.com
3322 Vacant chair@thirdld.org
3323 Vacant chair@thirdld.org
3324 Jerry Beaver jbeaver@nwcarpenters.org
3325 Charles Green charles.green@temple.edu
3326 Vacant chair@thirdld.org
3327 Vacant chair@thirdld.org
3328 Vacant chair@thirdld.org
3329 Michelle Torres chellitorres@gmail.com
3330 Adam Thielen adamlee.comedy@gmail.com