Audit Committee Reviews LD Delegate Election Results

May 8, 2020

An Audit Committee has reviewed the tentative results of the 3rd Legislative District delegate election.

The Committee consisted of David Green, Joann Peña, Anne Whigham, and Daniel Pailthorp.

Procedures included testing for accuracy of spoiled ballot determinations (there was one spoiled ballot, which would not have impacted the results of the election,) and testing of the accuracy of the calculated results by tracing votes cast by the Precinct Committee Officers in the legislative district to a sampling of candidates. Thirty one (31) of the 45 Precinct Committee Officers in the 3rd LD cast ballots in the election (a 68.89% participation rate.)

The Audit Committee has reported to the State Democratic Party that it found no irregularities in the tentative results released to it. The State Party is expected to release the statewide results from the election on Saturday after today's 5:00 pm certification deadline has passed.

Legislative District delegates and alternates chosen in the election will represent at the Washington State Democratic Convention in June and will also choose national convention delegates at virtual caucuses to be held at the end of May.