In Kind Contributions - What Volunteers & Activists Need to Know!

September 3, 2020

In-kind contributions to political campaigns from volunteers and activists are subject to state and federal reporting rules. Here's what you need to know!

Campaign contribution rules can be very complicated, and this is just a high-level overview of some of those rules.

If you are interested in helping with a particular campaign, you may wish to contact the campaign in advance to find out how they would like to be kept informed of expenses that might be incurred as a volunteer. 

For state and local candidates in Washington, visit the Public Disclosure Commission website and enter your address in the "Follow the Money" section to find out information on state and local campaigns in your voting district. Click on the candidate name, then click on the hyperlinked date in the "Registration" section. You'll be taken to the most recent C-1 form filed, which shows the contact information for the state or local campaign.