Spokane Conservation District Election

January 4, 2021

The Spokane Conservation District will hold a non-partisan election in March 2021 to choose one board supervisor to serve for a three-year term ending in 2024.

What is a conservation district? A conservation district provides technical assistance and tools to help landowners manage and protect natural resources throughout the United States. Conservation districts work with landowners on a voluntary basis, which means they have no regulatory authority. The Spokane Conservation District has been active since the 1940s, teaching and facilitating sustainable land use and conservation practices to meet current needs while also planning resource use for the future.

Board supervisor positions are unpaid. Supervisors are expected to attend 12 regularly scheduled board meetings per year as well as individual committee and special meetings and/or trainings.

Qualified board supervisor candidates must (1) be a registered voter residing in Spokane County (excluding the City of Deer Park), and (2) may be required to own land or operate a farm (depending on the composition of the existing board --- for the 2021 election, candidates do not have to own land or operate a farm).

There is a January 26, 2021 deadline to apply for the elected board supervisor position.

There is a February 16, 2021 deadline to request a ballot to vote in the Spokane Conservation District election. Ballots must be returned (via mail or in person) no later than March 9, 2021.

Information about running for election (or requesting a ballot) may be found at the Spokane Conservation District website.