Three Weeks and Counting....

February 26, 2016

Can't attend the March 26 precinct caucuses because of illness or disability, work schedule, religious observance, or military service?

Three weeks from today (March 18 at 5:00 pm) is the deadline for a Surrogate Affidavit form to be received in Seattle at the offices of the State Party.

By filing the form on time, your presidential preference will be recorded at your precinct during the caucus process. You can even be considered as a delegate to the next level of the caucus process!

Don't delay! Your Surrogate Affidavit form must be received by March 18 at 5:00 pm in Seattle. Download the form, complete the form in its entirety, sign the form and send it off today!

Forms may be mailed to:  Jaxon Ravens, Chair, Re: Surrogate Affidavit Form, Washington State Democratic Party, PO Box 4027, Seattle, WA 98194.

Forms may be faxed to: 206-583-0301.

Forms may be scanned and emailed to: