Caucus Day Results in the 3rd LD

March 26, 2016

Caucus Day results in the 3rd Legislative District are as follows (all are in delegates to the legislative district caucus on April 17 at Rogers High School):

Rogers High School: Clinton 25, Sanders 117, Uncommitted 0.

Ferris High School: Clinton 27, Sanders 116, Uncommitted 0.

Salk Middle School: Clinton 29, Sanders 144, Uncommitted 1.

Totals: Clinton 81 (17.65%), Sanders 377 (82.14%), Uncommitted 1 (0.21%).


Results are subject to verification for accuracy by the State Party. During the precinct caucus process, it is possible that precinct volunteers made math errors, delegate allocation errors and may not have taken into account some or all of the Surrogate Affidavit forms. All the paperwork completed and used at the precinct caucuses is reviewed by the State Party for accuracy of results to ensure that the will of the precinct is followed.