Call to LD Caucus to be Issued on or Before April 12

April 5, 2016

The Call (official notification of a meeting) to the 3rd LD Caucus will be issued to delegates and alternates elected by the 84 precincts in the 3rd Legislative District on or before April 12, 2016.

The Call will be published at the 3rd LD's website ( and will be communicated by email to elected precinct delegates and alternates who provided email addresses on their Sign-In forms at the March 26 precinct caucuses. Links to the Call will be made available on the Facebook page of Spokane County Democrats and The Third Legislative District Democrats, as well as the Facebook group for The Third Legislative District Democrats. There will also be a link to the Call on the website of Spokane County Democrats. 

The Call will set forth the proposed agenda for the Caucus and the proposed rules.  

The Rules Committee will be considering the proposed agenda and rules this Saturday. The Rules Committee consists of Andy Billig (Chair), Marcus Riccelli (Co-Chair), and David Green.

The Credentials Committee will present at the Caucus a preliminary report as well as a final report. The Credentials Committee will count and report to the Caucus Chair the number of attendees at the meeting.

As part of the preliminary report it proposes to the caucus, the Credentials Committee may (1) correct any clerical or mathematical errors it determines occurred in a precinct that altered the outcome of the delegate elections of that precinct, or that occurred in the preparation of the list of delegates and alternates, (2) hear any challenges to the seating of delegates based on the ineligibility of the delegate and, if warranted, make such recommendation as it chooses to the Caucus for consideration in connection with any such challenge, and (3) determine the path forward in the event that there is any confusion about the identity of the delegates from a given precinct.

The Credentials Committee consists of Marcus Riccelli (Chair), Andy Billig (Co-Chair), and Kate Burke.