3rd LD Democrats Thank Our Retiring Officers & PCOs

November 13, 2016

Democrats in the 3rd Legislative District sincerely thank our retiring officers and elected precinct committee officers (PCOs) for their service to The Third Legislative District Democrats for the time period December 1, 2014 through November 30, 2016.

Retiring Officers:

Linda King, Vice Chair (retiring also as an elected PCO),

Carol McGirk, State Committeewoman (continuing as an elected PCO), and

Mike Miller, State Committeeman (continuing as an elected PCO).


Retiring Elected Precinct Committee Officers*:

Bruce Vails, Precinct 3100,

Duane Eldon Herman, Precinct 3115,

Maggi Dunn, Precinct 3128,

John Waite, Precinct 3202,

Andy Billig, Precinct 3210,

Linda McHenry, Precinct 3213,

Kelly Zimmerman, Precinct 3215,

Malcolm Haworth, Precinct 3223,

Marcus Riccelli, Precinct 3300,

Michelle Hedgecock, Precinct 3308,

Linda King, Precinct 3309,

Kaye Straight, Precinct 3313,

Anna Gonzales, Precinct 3325, and

David Bilsland, Precinct 3327.

* list includes PCOs who retired mid-term.

Retiring appointed precinct committee officers will be recognized in January 2017.


Thank you for your time and commitment to the Democratic Party in the 3rd Legislative District!