Resignation of 3rd LD Vice Chair

May 25, 2017

Anne Whigham, Vice Chair of The Third Legislative District Democrats, has resigned the position effective May 25, 2017. Ms. Whigham intends to continue working to elect Democrats and progressives to office in Spokane and Spokane County and will be active as a volunteer for the Democratic Party.

Pursuant to the Bylaws, David Green, Chair, is recommending an acting Vice Chair to fill the position until Precinct Committee Officers can elect a successor. His selection of Carol McGirk, former State Committeewoman for The Third Legislative District Democrats, is subject to the ratification of the LD's Executive Board. Ms. McGirk has indicated that she will not run for election to fill the Vice Chair position.

The Bylaws require that a meeting of Precinct Committee Officers be held no earlier than 20 days and no later than 60 days after an elected office becomes vacant. Pending approval of the LD's Executive Board, please hold the date of Tuesday, July 18, 2017 for a PCO meeting to transact the LD's business, including the election of a Vice Chair.

The duties of Vice Chair (opposite gender of the Chair) are as follows:

The Vice Chair is also a member of the 3rd LD's Executive Board, which meets periodically to conduct business of the 3rd LD in between the quarterly meetings of the Precinct Committee Officers. The County Party's Executive Board meets monthly (currently the second Monday of each month, but a day-of-week change is under consideration).

Upon ratification of the July 18, 2017 meeting date, notice of the process to fill the Vice Chair vacancy will be posted on the 3rd LD's website and publicized to its Precinct Committee Officers. In addition, notice of the vacancy will be provided to Democrats residing in the 3rd LD who are on the email list of Spokane County Democrats.

Any Democrat residing in the 3rd LD of the opposite gender of the Chair may run for Vice Chair. Voters eligible to cast ballots are 3rd LD Democratic Precinct Committee Officers who hold office as of the meeting date.