Vote After 8 pm on Tuesday? Yes, You Can!

November 6, 2017

There is just one place in Spokane County where votes can be cast after the 8:00 pm deadline on Election Day, November 7.

It's a USPS blue collection box at the airport processing facility where the deadline for a November 7th postmark is 9:00 pm on Tuesday, one hour after the 8:00 pm deadline for dropbox ballots and well after the pickup/postmark deadline for all of the other USPS blue collection boxes in the county.

If you've missed the 8:00 pm dropbox deadline (or if the mail has already been picked up from your USPS blue collection box), fear not!

Head to 2928 S Spotted Rd (over by Spokane Airport) and drop your ballot (with postage affixed) into this special USPS blue collection box to obtain a November 7th postmark as late as 9:00 pm on Election Day.