3rd LD Democrats to Caucus on March 24

February 26, 2018

On Saturday, March 24, Democrats across the state will meet for the purpose of electing their representatives to the state convention in Wenatchee on Saturday, June 16.  In addition, in Spokane County Democrats will review and update the county party platform.

Automatic delegates to the state convention include LD and county party organization chairs, members of the state central committee, and elected state officials.

As a result, the following individuals from the 3rd LD are already state convention delegates and won’t be eligible to be listed on the March 24th delegate/alternate ballots: David Green, Joanne Fleming, Michael Kirk, Mary (Carr) Winkes (Spokane County committeewoman), Ed Duhaime (Spokane County committeeman), Andy Billig, Timm Ormsby, and Marcus Riccelli.

Any Democrat in the 3rd LD is eligible to run for delegate or alternate to the state convention. The state convention is scheduled to be a one-day meeting (Saturday, June 16) in Wenatchee. Committees will meet on Friday, June 15 (and the Platform and Rules Committees have their initial meeting on April 28).

Self-nominations for delegate and alternate will be considered at the March 24 caucus --- and if you are interested in being a delegate or alternate to the convention but you can’t attend the March 24 caucus you may self-nominate in advance.

On March 24, we will be choosing seven delegates and three alternates. 

The location of the county convention/LD caucus is Cheney Middle School, 740 Betz Road, Cheney, WA 99004. The meeting will start at 10 am and voting for delegates/alternates will start shortly after 11 am. There is no time deadline to arrive in order to be able to participate in the process (for example, if you arrive during the voting process for state convention delegates or the voting process for resolutions or the county platform you will be given the opportunity to vote).

The Spokane County convention (which will review/approve the county party's platform and consider resolutions to be forwarded to the state convention) will start immediately after the LD caucuses conclude their work. The goal for the county convention is to complete its work no later than 3:30 pm.

The draft rules for the county convention/LD caucuses have been adopted by the Rules Committee.

Questions about the March 24 3rd LD Caucus may be directed to the Chair.