Planning for State Convention Committee Elections

December 2, 2019

Each Local Party Organization (LPO) elects one representive to each of three state convention committees (Credentials, Platform, and Rules.)

The 3rd LD is likely to be electing its representatives to state convention committees at a brief PCO meeting following the tentatively-scheduled 2020 Legislative Update meeting on Saturday, January 4, 2020 (location to be determined.) The expected start time of the PCO portion of the meeting is 11:30 am.

LPOs will be advised by the state party later this month of the desired attributes of state convention committee members. While the state party is working on advising LPOs about preparations for the June 11-14, 2020 (current blocked dates) state party convention in Tacoma, Washington, here is information given out for the 2018 prior-cycle state convention committees:

Credentials Committee Members

Platform Committee Members

Rules Committee Members

Any Democrat residing in the 3rd Legislative District is eligible for election to a state convention committee position from the 3rd LD. Presence at the tentatively-scheduled January 4, 2020 meeting is not required for election to a committee, but a short statement of qualifications/interest is recommended (to be read at the meeting) in support of your candidacy.

Questions about serving on a state convention committee may be directed by email to the Chair.