Spokane County Democrats Reorganization Meeting

December 19, 2016

Elected PCOs in the 3rd LD will join with their counterparts from throughout Spokane County on Saturday, January 14, 2017, to elect the leadership of the county party organization for two-year terms ending November 30, 2018. Officers to be elected include:

All elected PCOs in the 3rd Legislative District should plan to attend the county party's reorganization meeting. While only elected PCOs in the county may vote in the leadership election, anyone residing in Spokane County who considers themselves to be a Democrat may run for elective office.

Duties of the county party's elected officers may be found here.

The meeting will be held at the Red Lion River Inn, 700 N Division St. Registration starts at 9:00 am and the meeting itself will begin at 9:30 am. Elected PCOs should plan to register at 9:00 am so that they will be fully registered (with their ballot credentials) by the time the meeting begins.

proposed resolution in support of the candidacies of Tina Podlodowski and Joe Pakootas (for state party Chair and Vice Chair) has been submitted by David Green and others to be considered by the elected PCOs at the reorganization meeting. Tina and Joe have released their document A Platform for Change - How We Can Change and Win which details their thoughts on how the state party and local party organizations can be improved over the next two years.

It is important that 3rd LD elected PCOs attend the reorganization meeting to vote for county party leadership as well as on the proposed resolution.