PCO Handbook Updated by State Party

October 19, 2017

The State Party has updated the Precinct Committee Officer (PCO) Handbook. Democratic Party PCOs use the Handbook to learn more about their roles and responsibilities as grassroots representatives of Democrats in their neighborhood.

The PCO Handbook focuses on what it means to be a PCO --- and the relationship of PCOs to legislative district and county party organizations, as well as the state and national party organizations.

It talks about the caucus process (used every two years to select delegates to State Party conventions and historically used to send representatives to the Democratic National Conventions).

The Handbook also reviews how to become a PCO --- by election (the next cycle of the election of PCOs starts in May, 2018) and by appointment if there is not an elected PCO in your precinct.

Finally, the Handook provides guidance to Democratic PCOs on how to canvass and turn out voters in their precinct as well as using VoteBuilder, the Democratic Party's online voter file.

PCOs and other interested Democrats may read the PCO Handbook online, by visiting the Precinct Committee Officers section of the 3rd LD Democrats webpage.