Rogers HS to Host 3rd LD Caucus April 17

March 27, 2016

The 459 delegates selected at the 84 precinct caucuses in the 3rd Legislative District will meet at Rogers High School on Sunday, April 17 at 1:00 pm for the next level of the caucus process.

The purpose of the Legislative District Caucus is to select delegates and alternates to attend the 5th Congressional District Caucus (Spokane, May 21) and the Washington State Convention (Tacoma, June 18-19).

At the 5th Congressional District Caucus, three women and two men will be chosen to represent Washington at the Democratic National Convention in July. In addition, one Elector and an Alternate Elector will be selected to be part of the Electoral College in the event that the Democratic presidential nominee wins our state in the November General Election.

At the Washington State Convention, resolutions are considered and policy of the Democratic Party in the state is determined.

Registration of delegates will start at 12:15 pm at Rogers High School. 

Alternates chosen at the precinct level caucuses are also expected to attend the 3rd Legislative District Caucus. In the event that a delegate from a particular precinct does not register for any reason, an alternate from that precinct supporting the same candidate will fill that vacant delegate slot and will be able to fully participate at the LD caucus. It is likely that registration of alternates to fill vacant delegate slots will not occur until after 1:00 pm. Alternates who do not fill vacant delegate slots are invited to attend the LD Caucus as observers.

Delegates should plan to spend much of the day involved in the caucus process, as a considerable amount of time will be devoted in caucus sub-groups to the process of listening to individual candidates desiring to be chosen as delegates and alternates to the next level of the caucus process. The rooms at Rogers High School have been booked until 7:00 pm.

The 3rd Legislative District Caucus will convene in the Commons at Rogers High School. The school's Gym will also be used by a caucus sub-group during the day.